"Y'all cain't get thur frum here" is the punchline to an old joke that feels sadly relevant to IT professionals trying to understand how their environment is put together. Despite spending countless hours creating diagrams, which are inevitably outdated as soon as they come off the plotter, those cute little icons, lines, and captions rarely capture the flow of data in, out, and around the enterprise. When there's a problem, this information gap can be crippling. But even on a regular sunny day when the coffee is hot and the systems are purring like LED-festooned kittens, this lack of visualization can negatively impact our work.

In this session, SolarWinds Head Geek™ Leon Adato will explore the ways in which having a visual representation of data makes it more meaningful, intelligible, and actionable. He'll show some examples of how data display techniques can help the IT professional in day to day scenarios.

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Leon Adato

Leon Adato is a Head Geek and technical evangelist at SolarWinds®, and is a Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA), MCSE, and SolarWinds Certified Professional®. His 25 years of network management experience includes working in financial, healthcare, food and beverage industries, and more.


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