Monday, June 8, 2015

11:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

Hard Rock Hotel in San Diego, Legends Ballroom (across the street from Cisco Live) 
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Troubleshooting Network and Application Performance - 
Now and In the Future

Ever wondered if there were new capabilities of your SolarWinds® products that you weren't fully leveraging? Are you interested in learning how to better use multiple SolarWinds products together to troubleshoot and resolve issues? 

Come to the SolarWinds Lunch & Learn and we'll show you how!

What You Will Learn:

* See how to set up a consolidated dashboard in the OrionTM core platform to troubleshoot and resolve critical network path performance
- See a visual diagram of your network path and areas with identified issues
- Understand impacts from bandwidth and configuration
- Immediately click through to resolution path from this dashboard.

Products covered: Network Performance Monitor, Network Configuration Manager, Netflow Traffic Analyzer, Engineer's Toolset

* Learn how to use deep packet inspection (DPI), made possible in recent releases of Network Performance Monitor, to assess if performance issues are due to the network or the application
- Understand how DPI can report on the Quality of Experience that your users perceive when connecting to their mission-critical applications
- Learn how DPI can identify application behaviors for troubleshooting scenarios

Products covered: Network Performance Monitor

* See how to look across all your application and infrastructure layers with a unified "AppStack" view to quickly identify the root cause of application issues
- See the new "AppStack" dashboard and what data is available

- Learn how to quickly assess application, hardware, storage, and virtualization for its impact

Lunch will be provided. There is no charge to attend this event. You do not need to be registered for Cisco Live to attend.

Leon Adato
SolarWinds Head Geek

Francois Caron
SolarWinds Director of Product Management

The first 150 people who attend will receive a $25 AMEX® gift card. Plus, everyone who attends will be registered in a drawing for a $1200 AMEX gift card. See complete terms and conditions.


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